Surfing is enjoyment

Whether you've never tried  it or you want to improve, our surfcamp is the place for you
It doesn't matter if you are 30 or 68. We'll make sure to adapt to your needs. We promise. 
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Our SurfGlamp

At the Sea Retreat all you need to do is enjoy.

If you’ve never surfed before we will take you on your first steps and first waves on your way to becoming a surfer. Our experienced coaches are all about the fun and enjoyment in surfing, whether it’s on your knees, your belly or standing on your first wave. 

For more experienced surfers we will help you take your next steps in improving your surfing through video-analysis, catching more waves and having more fun.
We run our classes from autumn to spring, when the area is freed from mass tourism, so you can surf while enjoying the empty waves of Los Caños and El Palmar.
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Escape the dark, recharge your batteries and surf in the sunshine!

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