We are Marina and Callum

We are a couple of happy humans creazy enough to wanna share this adventure with you.
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The Sea Retreat. About us: Marina & Callum

This is our story

We met sometime in the end of a certain December and were incapable of being apart from each other ever since. Yes, it’s cheesy we know. But it’s also true.
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Marina was born in Seville, has lived in America and travelled all over the world in search of experiences, cultures, waves, diving and plenty of hilarious tales of misadventure. She’s speaks perfect English along with Spanish of course and is currently learning Yorkshire *semi fluent.
She is infectiously happy, and full of energy. Her smile will brighten your morning even when she’s telling you it’s time to get into your wetsuit the morning after a few too many sunset beers. She genuinely loves making people happy and that shows in how excited she gets when you catch a wave, she’ll be your biggest fan.
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Callum is the friend you all want to have: hilarious, always up for any plans (or beers!), supportive, outdoorsy… He is also an incredible biker (yes, it’s possible for a biker to be cool) and he’s an outstanding photographer. He will turn memories into prints which will surely make you smile as years go by.

He was born ‘beyond the wall’, that is, Yorkshire, UK, and was brought up by the Jelley’s in a small village called Studley Roger. He is a tireless traveler. He took off at 18 and has visited more countries than I ever will!!

And this is Cometa

Cometa is an integral part of our team, in charge of getting everyone up in the mornings, finding lost socks and keeping the vibes high in camp. He’s part Spanish water dog and part small brown sheep, loves long walks on the beach and frisbees.
Cometa the dog

Why are we here?

On a random day of February we realised how lucky we were to have the waves, the sun and the wild nature all to ourselves.

After exploring the world separately we have both decided to settle here. We are social, curious and restless beings. Therefore, we had to do something to counter the -somehow dangerous- peace and quiet of this place as well as to keep learning.

It is from here that the idea and philosophy of The Sea Retreat was born: teaching to learn. Share what we are in order to grow with others, share our experiences and take in those of others; be mutually enriched through one of the things that makes us the happiest in this world: surfing.

Furthermore, we deeply believe that life is infinitely better when shared.